Ladies and Gentleman,

It has been some time in the making… But it is finally here! The informal History of RAEME ( For years I have listened to stories over a beer or two with the olds and bolds and with serving members. Stories of events and activities that have defined the character of our Corp and it members. Some that make you laugh out loud and others that make you cringe. It saddens me when these stories are lost once these valued members have passed. These photos and stories that are in Messes or in cherished collections, end up in a dusty photo album with a relative who can never truly appreciate the value of the photo as they have no background story to go with the image. This site is aimed at collecting these stories for all to enjoy and cherish into the future before they are lost forever.

History Site

The intent of this site is to get the member’s view of our Corps History. It has been designed so that the people who submit articles define the site content and the website’s content direction. You choose what information is displayed and how it is categorised and what key words will be used to define your article. There are no rules (OK… I lied a bit!.. Very few rules…) as to what can be submitted to the site! You do not need to know any special computer languages or skills to publish an article. All you have to do is register, login, and submit a form that is used to generate the article. It is that simple! The website has a step-by-step instruction on how to make a submission. There is also enough bells and whistles available to those who wish to make their article stand out from the rest! There is also a comment section below each article which allows readers to make comment. These comments are checked before they are published for all to see. This is especially handy when you have additional information about the story that the author did not have at the time of posting! Or even just to say that you enjoyed the article.

The submission process has been designed with checks to make sure that inappropriate content is not posted. There are two independent reviewers required to approve a submission before it is turned into an article for all to read. The full process can be viewed HERE. These reviewers are not there to validate the story; they are there to ensure that the content is readable and conforms to the site’s guidelines. They are not there to stop an article being published because they don’t agree with the authors view! The full posting guideline (currently about the size of four postage stamps) can be viewed HERE

So if you only have one story in you or a hundred. Or a series of photos about an activity, we would love to read about it! This site is about putting the collection of our great Corps history in the members hands! You guys and gals have created or are still generating more history for our proud Corp. Here is your chance to share your stories with pride for all to read.

We look forward to reading your stories soon.