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It has been some time in the making…  But it is finally here! The informal History of RAEME.  For years I have listened to stories over a beer or two with the olds and bolds and with serving members.  Stories of events and activities that have defined the character of our Corp and it members.  Some that make you laugh out loud and others that make you cringe.  It saddens me when these stories are lost once these valued members have passed. These photos and stories that are in Messes or in cherished collections, end up in a dusty photo album with a relative who micro gaming can never truly appreciate the value of the photo as they have no background story to go with the image.  This site is aimed at collecting these stories for all to enjoy and cherish into the future before they are lost forever.

Rio 2016: Paralympic rowers Kathryn Ross and Gavin Bellis determined to win


Fom the ABC..

'It doesn't mean your life is over'

Mr Bellis is living with a rare degenerative disease called Spinocerobellar Ataxia. It is a hereditary disease which blocks communication between the brain and the spinal chord, causing a loss of physical control.

Invariably it leads to life in a wheelchair; there is no cure and more often than not it is fatal.

The symptoms first appeared 12 years ago while he was serving in the army.

"I was going for a run around the airfield on the Solomon Islands and I took off and started running and ran ten metres and my legs hit each other, and I was on my hands and knees on the ground pokies free and couldn't work out what was going on," he said.
When he was diagnosed, he was medically discharged from the army.

"That was pretty hard for me to take," he told the ABC's 7.30 program.

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The National Association wishes both all the best in Rio.

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